Services (BYOのサービス)

BeeYrOwn (Reg NO. 53157591L)offers safe, confidential, and open-minded professional counselling and psychological services for 1) individual 個人 2) child & teen 幼児・思春期 3) pre-marital/marital カップル 4)family 家族 and 5) group グループ. BYO welcomes you from all cultures, ages, and lifestyles. BYO’s psychologist, Chihiro is qualified and experienced in working with the following areas but not limited to:

self-worth & -esteem(自己価値,-肯定)Grief & loss(喪失)Addictions(依存)Sexuality (性の悩み) Relationships(対人関係)Conflict resolution(衝突) Eating disorders(摂食障害)Anxiety & mood disturbance(不安や感情障害)Phobia(恐怖症)Trauma(トラウマ) Anger &Stress management(怒りやストレス)Parenting(子育て)Developmental Disorder (発達障害) LD(学習障害)Crosscultural issue(異文化適応) etc.

Hypnotherapy 催眠療法(エリクソニアン法)
Gottman Method Couple Therapy (ゴットマンメソッド カップルセラピー)
Psychological Assessment 各種心理検査

Fees & Terms (料金とシステム)


It is SGD 170 per 50 min session (Sun & P/H additional S$20). The fee starts from the appointment time. If a client wishes to extend a session, the rate will be pro-rated (min 25 min block after the first 50 min)assuming it is possible to do so. We accept Cash or Cheque at the closure of each session.

Home/School/Hospital/Company Visit: SGD 200 per 50 min session + transport cost (to & from venue) 出張カウンセリングは、1セッション(50分)200㌦+往復タクシー代実費

Emergency call consultation: SGD35/10 min 緊急時の電話による対応やご相談は、10分毎に35㌦です。基本的に、サービス内容、料金、予約やその変更などの、事務的連絡以外での電話・メールでのコンタクトは受け付けておりません。   

海外旅行保険はケースにより適用できますが、事前に医師の診断と紹介状が必要です。キャッシュレスではありません。 その他プライベート保険では、心理療法をカバーするプランに加入されていれば適用可です。直接保険会社にご確認ください。

♣Cancellation & Rescheduling/キャンセルと変更
If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please notify BYO at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time, so we may be able to offer your slot to someone else. You may call, email, or text us. Failure to do so, you will be charged the full fee for the missed session. This is a standard practice within the counselling profession. We thank you for your kind understanding.

The information obtained from you during sessions will strictly remain confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone except under the following conditions:守秘義務の限界として、以下の4点があります。(1) Perceived risks towards harming yourself or others;(2) Anything indicating child abuse;(3) Valuable medical information in case of emergency;(4) A subpoena from the courts to disclose information Additionally, all professionals require supervision with the intent to ensure high quality services, and should your case needs to be presented, the details will be changed to protect your identity.

NO Secret Policy for Gottman Method Couple Therapy (ゴットマンメソッド カップルセラピー内での「隠し事なし」ポリシーについて): This policy is intended to allow the therapist  to continue to treat the couple by preventing a conflict of interest from arising where an individual’s interests may not be consistent with the interests of the couple being treated. e.g., information learned in the course of an individual session may be relevant or even essential to the proper treatment of the couple.

Chihiro's Experiences (セラピスト経歴)

A native Japanese who speaks fluent English (and a qualified interpreter/translator), having studied     and lived in Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and settled in Singapore since 1999. Chihiro has a sound understanding of psychological difficulties facing expatriates in a new country as well as people from diverse background including Singaporeans. Having worked in several MNCs, she is familiar with work related issues like Work-Life balamce and work relationship conflict & crisis management.

Chihiro has wide range of experiences working for populations with various special needs (e.g., intellectual disability, Downs Syndrome, ADHD, ASD, LD), mental health conditions(e.g., schizophrenia, personality disorder), issues concerning children & teens(e.g., school refusal, bullying, phobia, self-harm, OCD, social skills deficit, Boy-Girl relationship) at Volunteer Welfare Organizations, school settings as well as in a private practice. Chihiro is also trained to administer psychological assessment such as IQ and personality test.

Currently, Chihiro is collaborating with three international EAP agencies. Please check your employer or HR if you have Employee Assistance Program entitlement and receive confidential counselling support by her.